Japanese Translation

Japanese translation
We deliver “Ready-to-Use Translations” of business documents to our clients.
When a client orders a translation, they are buying time to focus on other business tasks. When you buy a translation from TMJ Japan, you will receive a product that is accurate and ready to use.
Many companies use a Japanese person to translate a document to English, then uses a native English speaker to check the document.
This method usually leads to poor results. A Japanese speaker may not know the correct words to use to convey the true meaning of a document, or understand technical or business phrases. They also may not understand common cultural references from the English-speaking world. And once a native English speaker edits the document, the meaning and intent becomes lost.
At TMJ Japan, we only assign translators who are native speakers of the target language. Upon completion, a native speaker of the source language checks the for accuracy. This model ensures a high-quality translation. It is one of the “best practices” of the translation industry.
Our translators understand that timeliness, cost, and accuracy of your translation project is important. See our Pricing Page for details on how we determine the fees for your project. And please Contact Us to see how we can serve you.