Japanese Interpretation

Japanese Interpretation


Japanese Interpretation Specialties

The speed and accuracy of Japanese interpretation services counts in the international business world.

There are over 2000 Japanese interpretation companies in Japan. TMJ Japan specializes in the following areas–

  • Consulting
  • IT
  • Strategy (Management, Branding)
  • Digital (AI, IoT, Analytics, Cloud)
  • Outsourcing (BPO, AO, IO)

See our Pricing Page for details on how we determine the fees for your project. And please Contact Us to see how we can serve you.

Our Japanese Interpretation Goals

TMJ Japan has spent many years in the Japanese interpretation field. We have a proven track record of providing services in fields such as consulting, IT, and business.

Our interpreters have experience in communicating in a variety of venues and situations and understand the terminology of your business. They are professionals who have passed our in-house selection process. Our quality standards and talent pool allow us to assign people who understand the nuances of the target language.

TMJ Japan interpreters are drawn from many disciplines. From corporate consulting to the latest technological trends, we understand your challenges. We know what you know about your processes, and we know how to contribute.

How We Can Help

Your in-house staff may be able to speak a foreign language well enough for a round of golf or talking at an informal event, but the intricacies of your business require more precision. You can’t risk a misunderstanding at the closing steps of your multi-million dollar deal.

Will your counterpart know what it means to “interrupt an ew-dah (OODA) loop?” Can they understand the results of your SWOT analysis or your supply chain dependencies? Will they have to figure out what these terms mean in media res, or will you need an ad hoc training session to explain what is going on?

A diligent student can learn many of these terms with the right business language books. But doing business overseas isn’t just about knowing the difference between taxes and tariffs. People who share a common language also communicate via their common cultural references. Your overseas partners probably won’t know the difference between tilting at windmills and taking candy from a baby. They know that some deals turn into Mexican standoffs and may just want you to “show me the money!” And even if all the puzzle pieces fall into place, your deal might just end up in a “lady or the tiger” situation.

There are plenty of opportunities for misunderstandings. And enough misunderstandings can cost you money or even an entire contract.

TMJ Japan understands that the timeliness, cost, and accuracy of your interpretation project is important. See our Pricing Page for details on how we determine the fees for your project. And please Contact Us to see how we can serve you. Because “if you don’t enter the tiger’s cave, you can’t catch its cub!”