Message from CEO

High-Performance Service that Maximizes Value

Since founding our company in 2004, I have explored the “value” that we can provide to our clients. I believe that the only path to maximizing value is to leverage our unique talents and expertise to provide value in our business field.

Based on this conclusion, TMJ Japan provides services in the following business fields:

Translation: The competition in the translation market is intense. TMJ Japan has a “Best Practices” model to ensure high-quality products for our clients. We are expanding our pool of translators to encompass many skills and fields. This allows us to deliver translation materials that are ready to use immediately.

Interpretation: Major interpretation companies monopolize the interpretation industry. Within such a market environment, TMJ Japan offers added value in two specific ways. First, we assign our most skilled interpreter without regard to the profit ratio for given interpretation work. Second, we make every effort to assign our best interpreters.

Digital Marketing: in 2009, TMJ Japan acquired exclusive distribution rights to, the world’s largest soccer site. We became involved in digital media, digital broadcasting rights, stats data, and sponsor support. In 2015, TMJ Japan acquired exclusive rights to Wyscout, the world’s largest video on demand (VOD) football site. In these fields, our staff offers in-depth knowledge and expertise for the Japanese market.

Over the next 50 years, we pledge unwavering determination to further specialize in the above businesses. We will continue to work with our clients to achieve their future goals.

Joe Ogata, CEO
March 31, 2016
Joe Ogata, CEO & President, TMJ Japan

  • 1989

    Studied Tennis

    abroad at Harry Hopman Tennis Academy in Florida

  • 1998

    Graduated from

    San Francisco University (BA)

  • 2000

    Graduated from

    George Washington University (MA)

  • 2001


    Accenture Japan

  • 2004


    TMJ Japan

  • 2008

    Concurrently served

    Managing Director for Japan

  • 2011

    Concurrently served

    Managing Director for DAZN (by Perform Group)

  • 2013


    Managing Director for DAZN (by Perform Group)