Supported Languages

Translation work at TMJ Japan is primarily “Japanese ⇒ English” and “English ⇒ Japanese,” but we also support Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese , Korean, etc. projects. In recent years, demand for translations are increasing for all of these languages.

At TMJ Japan, we assign professional translators who have experience in the target areas of a language. After a translation project is complete, a source language reviewer will finalize it. With this process, we are able to provide high-quality translations that satisfies our customers.

Translation-Compatible Languages

  • English ⇔ Japanese
  • French ⇔ Japanese
  • Chinese ⇔ Japanese
  • Spanish ⇔ Japanese
  • Korean ⇔ Japanese
  • Other language ⇔ Japanese

TMJ Japan’s Translation Methodology

A. Assign a translator with job experience in the relevant industry.
B. Understand how the translation will be used by the client.
C. To emphasize high-level and fluent sentences (Japanese / English), translators / reviewers are allowed to diverge / translate from the original sentence, giving top priority to the readability of the final translation (= evaluation index).

Proofreading and Native checks

The quality of a translation is secured through the primary translation and a rigorous review by skilled translators.

According to this methodology, TMJ Japan always assigns a native translator of the final language (target language), the reviewer assigns a native translator of the source language (source language) to create fluent, easy-to-read documents.