• Major foreign-affiliated management consulting firm
  • Major foreign-affiliated strategic consulting firm
  • Major accounting consulting firm
  • Major accounting financial advisory
  • Top four Japanese audit firms
  • Major machine parts manufacturer listed in First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Major media firm
  • Major securities company listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Foreign-affiliated AI and technology firm
  • Major foreign-affiliated Internet and search engine firm

*10 major companies

Case Examples

Project 1: Foreign-affiliated consulting firm
“The translations were delivered well before the due date thanks to the quick response of our translation coordinators.”

FieldHuman resources and organization development
LanguageEnglish (Japanese-English translation)
Translated documentsTraining materials
BackgroundCOVID-19 required revamping training programs on a global scale.
This firm was looking for a translation company that could translate a large amount of training material in a short period of time.
AchievementsWe received an order to translate 300 items used for internal training. We coordinated a delivery date with the customer after accounting for translator workload and unforeseen circumstances. Our team’s planning and quick response allowed us to deliver before the company’s deadline.

Project 2: Foreign-affiliated manufacturer
“TMJ Japan can deliver specialized mass translations quickly, at low cost, and at a quality level that exceeds expectations.”

LanguageEnglish (Japanese-English translation)
Translated documentSystem introduction project
BackgroundA new system introduction project required translations for materials for overseas engineers. The firm was looking for a fast, cost-effective translation company with IT and technology experience.
AchievementsWe received an order to translate 230 IT and technology specification documents. We utilized our machine translation capabilities and assigned native reviewers and post-editors to quickly produce high-quality, low-cost results.

Project 3: Japanese auto parts manufacturer
“TMJ Japan swiftly assigns translators to meet your desired delivery date.”

LanguageEnglish (English-Japanese translation)
Translated documentsJob vacancies
BackgroundThis 8000-character translation project was sent by a firm looking for a translation company that could deliver within three days.

Project 4: Foreign-affiliated consulting firm
“TMJ Japan offers same-day translations and night-time support.”

FieldManagement strategy
LanguageEnglish (English-Japanese translation)
Translated documentInternal proposal
BackgroundWe received a translation request for 10,000 characters from a client at 20:00. The client requested delivery by 9:00 the next morning.
AchievementsWe arranged two translators and completed delivery by 9:00 the next morning as requested.
*10,000 characters = Two days of work for one translator

Project 5: Foreign-affiliated consulting firm
“TMJ Japan earned our trust with their ability to respond to requests in fields where we have little experience.”

FieldHuman resources development and education
LanguageEnglish (English-Japanese translation)
Translated documentInternal training video (subtitle translation)
BackgroundThe COVID-19 pandemic brought remote work to the mainstream, increasing the number of requests for “subtitle translations” of internal training videos.
AchievementsWe secured translators capable of translating subtitles and creating timed text, and we now take orders for subtitle translations. Our subtitling products have been well-received by customers.

Customer testimonials

・Thank you for completing the project so quickly. We were able to use the translation at our morning meeting. You were a great help!

・Thank you for your prompt delivery. It has a nice feel! We will use it without changing anything. Thank you again for your swift and high-quality translations.

・Thank you for so completing these deliverables under such time restraints.

・Thank you for always delivering easy-to-read translations. Our final review never takes much time at all, which is immensely helpful. We will definitely ask for your services again.

・Thank you very much for your support this year. You met our urgent requests time and time again, and were extremely helpful.