(Japanese character
/ English word)
15 to 25 yen/character20 to 35 yen/word
Equivalent to A4×10 page★60,000 to 100,000 yen60,000 to 105,000 yen

★Calculation based on 400 Japanese characters or 300 English words per source page (tax not included).

*Please contact us for translations in languages other than English.
*A separate charge may be incurred for document images, editing, and design.
*For copywriting, individual quotes will be provided upon confirmation of intended use and specifications.
*The above pricing is a guide only. Fees vary depending on conditions such as technical difficulty, quality requirements, and document layout.

About Our Quotations

■How we calculate quotations

Our quotations are calculated based on factors such as the number of words in the original document, delivery timeline, quality required, technical difficulty, and processes related to layout.
If the details of your project are not defined at the time of request, we will provide an estimated price.
We may provide a final quote after the number of Japanese characters in the original or translated text has been confirmed.

■How to send the original to receive a quote

You can send us the original following one of the methods below.

For data files
Attach the original to a message using our Contact Us page or send to

For printed materials
Send us the original by post or by FAX.
*If you have any translation-related rules, specifications, reference materials, etc. please let us know at the time of the request.

■Word count standard (MS Word)

Single-byte languages such as English, French, and Japanese: Number of words
Double-byte languages such as Chinese and Korean: Number of characters without spaces

*Areas not counted:
Areas that do not require entries, such as numbers in a table, weights, and measures; program languages and user interfaces that do not require translation; etc.


■ Rush service
■ Overnight service

If you would like rush or overnight service, the price will be 20% to 50% higher than the regular price. Please contact us for details.
*Depending on the availability of translators, we may not be able to fulfill your request.


■Free trial

We provide a free trial translation of a certain length (★) prior to services so that you can confirm the quality of our translations. Please contact us for details.

★Japanese→English: Up to about 400 Japanese characters
★English→Japanese: Up to about 300 English words