Welcome to TMJ Japan!

TMJ Japan is a translation and interpretation company established in 2004 by former employees of the world’s largest consulting firm. In addition to providing translation and interpretation services, TMJ Japan has been a pioneer in the digital business realm since 2009, utilizing experiences such as managing the world’s largest soccer website and the expert knowledge of its team members. TMJ Japan, having inherited the DNA of a consulting company, provides “high-performance” services.


The translated materials that we deliver are business documents ready for use by the client.


TMJ Japan assigns the most skilled interpreter without regard to profit ratio for given interpretation work.


TMJ Japan offers sports consulting services, with a specialization in digital sports marketing and promotion.


About Us

Our Ten Guidelines representing our “Management Philosophy” encompass the following principles:

Customer Satisfaction

We will continually strive to improve our quality, delivery, value, and ability to propose solutions, and pass the resulting benefits on to our clients.

Employee Satisfaction

We will create a working environment that fosters a positive work experience for our employees.

Continual Improvement

We will continually seek new technology and business processes to improve our productivity.

Global Support

We will serve as a company that supports both the outbound and inbound operations of Japan.

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