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Providing ready-to-use contract translations based on our experience and achievements

As companies increase their overseas transactions, they need more and more contract translations. Contract translations are different from ordinary documents--they require an understanding of Japanese law and the perspectives and culture of the target country to create a document that fully conveys the intended meaning without omissions.

We assign translators who specialize in the contract's particular field to provide high-quality contract translations. We have a proven translation record of legal documents between various domestic and overseas companies as well as in-house legal documents, focusing on major foreign-affiliated consulting firms.

What is contract translation?

Contract translations translate agreements into multiple languages. These agreements include subcontracting and nondisclosure agreements, employment contracts, and confidentiality agreements between companies and employees.
Each country has different languages, cultures, customs, and laws. Contract translation requires advanced translation techniques to ensure that there are no errors in content.

Asian countries like Japan also have a high-context culture with many abstract expressions, while countries in Europe and the Americas have a low-context culture with clear and unambiguous grammar. Contract translations play an important role in business situations and require careful coordination and elimination of ambiguity between the translation company and the customer.

contract translation service features

  • High quality ensured by native translators
  • Quick delivery, orders also accepted at night
  • Proven translation track record and reasonable prices

TMJ JAPAN translators who are native speakers of the languages before and after translation translate and review the contract. In addition, Professional coordinators specializing in contract translation manage the process to achieve the high quality required by our customers.


First-time customer discounts

Supported contract translations

  • Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Subcontracting agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Sales representation agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • License agreements
  • Share transfer agreements
  • Other

Supported languages

Our contract translation service supports multiple languages, primarily "Japanese → English" and "English → Japanese" translation, but also offers other languages such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.
We always assign translators whose native language is the target language and who have expertise in the target field for all translations.

  • EnglishEnglishJapaneseJapanese
  • ChineseChineseJapaneseJapanese
  • FrenchFrenchJapaneseJapanese
  • KoreanKoreanJapaneseJapanese
  • SpanishSpanishJapaneseJapanese
  • Other languages

Our track record

TMJ JAPAN has a proven track record in contract translation.

  • ・Major foreign-affiliated management consulting firms
  • ・Major foreign-affiliated strategic consulting firms
  • ・Major accounting consulting firms
  • ・Major accounting financial advisories
  • ・Major media company
  • ・Domestic emerging real estate developers
  • ・Domestic contractor and temporary staffing companies
  • ・Foreign medical device manufacturers
  • ・Government-affiliated independent administrative agencies

Contract translation pricing

Original language Japanese English
Translation language English Japanese
Unit price
9 to 17 yen/character 10-19 yen/word
Equivalent to A4 x 10 pages★ 35,000 to 70,000 yen 30,000 to 60,000 yen

★Calculations are based on 400 Japanese characters or 300 English words per source page (tax not included)
*Please contact us for translations in languages other than English.
*Separate charges may apply for images, edits, and design.
*Individual quotes will be provided for copywriting upon confirmation of intended use and specifications.
*The estimated prices above are only guidelines. Fees vary based on conditions such as technical difficulty, quality requirements, and document layout.

Contract Translation - From Start to Delivery


Our company concludes a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each client before receiving the document. We also are ISO27001 / Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified. Trust us with your confidential translation needs.

Yes! We translate images by transcribing the data. This is a separate optional service. If you share the original contract, we can provide a more streamlined service in both cost and delivery.

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