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Providing high-quality site translations that offers your website in multiple languages

Business has become increasingly globalized. Corporate, service, and EC sites are increasingly being offered in multiple languages.
Multilingual sites are a fast-growing market and are often an indispensable feature for expanding businesses and services. We have received a significant increase in site translation requests in recent years.

Our site translation service does not use machine translations on your original text. We provide a human-based translation service that conveys the nuance of your words.

What is site translation?

Site translation changes websites and homepages from Japanese (or other languages) into your desired language(s).
Our translators account for grammar, meaning, and nuance that may be difficult to convey with translation tools provided by Google Translate and DeepL. Our service supports full site translation, the translation of newly released pages, and native language checks for translated website content.

Site translation service features

  • High quality ensured by native translators
  • Quick delivery, orders also accepted at night
  • Proven translation track record and reasonable prices

TMJ JAPAN translators that are native speakers of the languages before and after translation translate and review the site. Professional coordinators specializing in site translation manage the process to achieve the high quality required by our customers.


First-time customer discounts

Supported site translations

Site translation (homepage translation)

Our company translates sites that have already been created in Japanese or any other language.
We support an array of services, including full site, landing page, and partial site translations.

Article translation

Our company translates media sites and articles for overseas media and audiences, etc.
We also offer image editing by transcribing image text from a page.

Press release translation

TMJ JAPAN provides high-quality press release translations, which are viewed by stakeholders.

IR translation

Our company translates company IR information for shareholders, investors, and business partners.
Translation accuracy, readability, and speed are important for conveying company information in a timely fashion.

App translation

Our company translates smartphone and Web application user interfaces (UI).
In many cases, the UI portion is translated during UI design and development because the length of the text changes depending on the language.

Supported languages

Our proposal translation service supports multiple languages. We primarily work with "Japanese → English" and "English → Japanese" translations, but can also work in languages such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.
We assign native translators in the target language who have expertise in the targeted field.

  • EnglishEnglishJapaneseJapanese
  • ChineseChineseJapaneseJapanese
  • FrenchFrenchJapaneseJapanese
  • KoreanKoreanJapaneseJapanese
  • SpanishSpanishJapaneseJapanese
  • Other languages

Site translation pricing

Original language Japanese English
Translation language English Japanese
Unit price
9 to 17 yen/character 10 to 19 yen/word
Equivalent to A4 x 10 pages★ 35,000 to 70,000 yen 30,000 to 60,000 yen

★Calculations are based on 400 Japanese characters or 300 English words per source page (tax not included)
*Please contact us for translations in languages other than English.
*Separate charges may apply for images, edits, and design.
*Individual quotes will be provided for copywriting upon confirmation of intended use and specifications.
*The estimated prices above are only guidelines. Fees vary based on conditions such as technical difficulty, quality requirements, and document layout.

Site translation - From Start to Delivery


Yes! If the page has already been published, please send us the URL when making an inquiry or requesting a quote.

Yes! We offer image editing during translation as a separate option. Pricing depends on image size and number of characters, but estimates start at 5,000 yen per image. Feel free to contact us.

We offer express and nighttime support with surcharges starting at 20% over the regular rate. Please feel free to contact us with your press release file and desired delivery date.

Provided Services

Japanese Translation Service

TMJ Japan translation coordinators provide a proposals that meet your quality, delivery, and budget requirements to provide "ready-to-use" translations.

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Japanese Translation Service

Interpretation Service

Our interpretation service can arrange professional interpreters with extensive experience in international conferences, business meetings, and other events.

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Interpretation Service

Temporary language services staffing and recruitment

We can provide skilled translators and interpreters with experience at major consulting firms on your preferred budget and timeline.

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Temporary language services staffing and recruitment

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