Japanese Translation Service

TMJ Japan's translations are "ready to use."

We assign native English-speaking translators to provide the highest levels of fluency and readability to our English translations. We can also use our coordinating capabilities to meet your desired "quality, delivery timeline, and price."

Supported language

TMJ JAPAN specializes in English-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-English translations. We can also provide quality translations in 11 other languages, including Chinese and Korean.

Our translators are subject matter experts and native speakers of the target language. We specialize in English and Japanese translations, and can provide quality translation services in various languages such as Chinese (simplified and traditional), Thai, Portuguese, German, and Korean. Please feel free to contact us for services in other languages.

  • English (American, English-Australian)
  • Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)
  • Thai
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • German
  • Korean
  • French
  • Vietnamese
  • Hindi
  • Filipino
  • Tagalog
  • Indonesian

Corresponding use

Video translation

TMJ Japan can translate your video and animation content (webinars, in-house training, PR materials, etc.) into multiple languages. For video translations, we can provide "video subtitle translation" and "video narration translation." Video content translations can be used over a long period of time, making them worthwhile investments. Feel free to contact us for all of your video translation needs.

Book translation

Our book translation service can bring your work to a global audience. Our coordinators can arrange translators well-versed in your book's subject matter who have the language and writing skills to accurately convey your terminology and nuance.

Proposal translation

TMJ Japan translates internal reports (customer proposals, management and business strategy documents, sales plans, etc.) created in PowerPoint or other formats. Clients turn to us for our multiple-language translations and proven expertise.

Website translation

TMJ Japan offers website localization for corporate homepages, EC sites, and other applications. Our translations are accurate and provide idiomatic fidelity for phrases and statements that machine-based services find difficult to convey. Feel free to contact us regarding supported fields and languages.

Internal regulations translation

TMJ Japan translates internal regulations for foreign residents working in Japan, overseas sites of Japanese companies, and Japanese subsidiaries of foreign companies. We can translate employment rules, personnel performance review systems, training materials, compliance manuals etc.

Recommendation translations

TMJ Japan is the company that central government offices turn to in order to translate important public documents that make recommendations to industries and the market. You can entrust your important documents to the skills of our experienced translators.

Press release translations

TMJ Japan translates press releases for business alliances, corporate acquisitions, new business/service launch announcements, events, etc. in multiple languages. The longer our working relationship lasts with your company, the more familiar we become with your specific terminology and translation particulars, allowing us to deliver accurate translations with reduced interactions.

We also often handle translations that do not fall under any of the categories described above. Feel free to contact us.

Past projects

A track record of supporting multiple translations, including IT, mass media, and work with foreign consulting firms

Clients*Major companies

  • ・Major foreign management consulting firm
  • ・Major foreign strategic consulting firm
  • ・Major accounting consulting firm
  • ・Major accounting financial advisory
  • ・Top four audit firms in Japan
  • ・Major machine parts manufacturer listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • ・Major media firm
  • ・Major securities company listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • ・Foreign AI and technology firm
  • ・Major foreign Internet and Search engine firm

The quick response of our translation coordinators allowed us to deliver well before the due date

Field Human resources and organizational development
Language English (Japanese-English translation)
Translated documents Training materials
Background COVID-19 required reconfigurations of global training programs. This firm was looking for a translation company that could translate a vast amount of training material in a short period of time.
Achievements We received an order to translate 300 internal training materials. We accounted for our translators' short-notice workload and coordinated a delivery date with the customer. Our team’s swift response and coordinating process allowed us to deliver before the due date.

TMJ Japan delivered specialized mass translations quickly, at low cost, and at a quality level that exceeded expectations

Field IT
Language English (Japanese-English translation)
Translated documents System introduction project
Background A new system introduction project required document translations for overseas engineers. The firm was looking for a translation company with strengths in IT and technology and an emphasis on speed and budget.
Achievements We received an order to translate 230 documents. We used machine translation and swiftly assigned post-editors and native reviewers to maintain quality and accuracy. Our team provided a high-quality product while emphasizing speed and cost.

TMJ Japan met the desired delivery date by swiftly assigning translators

Field Recruitment
Language English (English-Japanese translation)
Translated documents Job vacancies
Background The firm was looking for a translation company that could deliver an 8000-character translation within three days.
Achievements To meet the desired delivery date, we assigned translators who met the conditions of expertise, speed, capability, and response within an hour of receiving the order and were able to deliver the translation on time.

Provided same-day translation with the overnight translation service

Field Management strategy
Language English (English-Japanese translation)
Translated documents Internal proposal
Background We received a translation request for 10,000 characters from a client at 8:00PM. The client requested delivery by 9:00AM the next morning.
Achievements We arranged two translators and completed the delivery as requested.
*10,000 characters = Two days of work for one translator

TMJ Japan earns trust by responding to requests in new fields.

Field Human resources development and education
Language English (English-Japanese translation)
Translated documents Internal training videos (subtitle translation)
Background COVID-19 made remote work the norm, increasing the number of requests for "subtitle translations" for internal training videos.
Achievements We approached and secured the services of multiple translators with the potential aptitude who could translate and add subtitles. Our subtitle service has been well-received and continues to win projects.

Process to delivery

From proposal to delivery, we take care of all your needs


Source language Japanese English
Target language English Japanese
Unit Price
(/character, /word)
9 to 27 yen/character 10 to 30 yen/word
Equivalent to A4×10 page 60,000 to 100,000 yen 60,000 to 105,000 yen

Calculations are based on 400 Japanese characters or 300 English words per source page (tax not included).
*Please contact us for translations in languages other than English.
*A separate charge may apply for images, editing, and design.
*For copywriting, individual quotes will be provided upon confirmation of intended use and specifications.
*The above pricing is a guide only. Fees vary based on conditions such as technical difficulty, quality requirements, and document layout.

About Our Quotations

How we calculate

Our quotations are calculated based on factors such as the number of words in the original document, delivery timeline, quality required, technical difficulty, and layout processes.
If your project's details are not defined at the time of the request, we can provide an estimate.
We will provide a final quote after the number of Japanese characters in the original or translated text has been confirmed.

How to send the original to receive a quote

For data files

Attach the file to a message on our contact form or send it to info@tmjjapan.co.jp. Utilize third-party services (such as gigafile or firestorage) for large files.

For printed materials

Send the file by post or FAX.
*If you have any translation-related rules, specifications, reference materials, etc., please inform us when making your request.

Word count standards (MS Word)

Single-byte languages (English, French, etc.) and Japanese: Number of words
Double-byte languages such as Chinese and Korean: Number of characters, excluding spaces

*Areas not counted:
Areas that do not require entries, such as numbers in a table, weights, and measurements; programming languages and user interfaces that do not require translation; etc.

Express service and overnight service (options)

Prices will be 20% to 50% over the regular price for express or overnight services and depend on translator availability. Please contact us for details.

Provided Services

Japanese Translation Service

TMJ Japan translation coordinators provide a proposals that meet your quality, delivery, and budget requirements to provide "ready-to-use" translations.

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Japanese Translation Service

Interpretation Service

Our interpretation service can arrange professional interpreters with extensive experience in international conferences, business meetings, and other events.

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Interpretation Service

Temporary language services staffing and recruitment

We can provide skilled translators and interpreters with experience at major consulting firms on your preferred budget and timeline.

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Temporary language services staffing and recruitment

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