Information Security

Information Security

TMJ Japan acquires and manages various corporate and personal information. We recognize the importance of mutual trust between our company and our customers. We use the latest IT consulting technology to provide services in the translation and interpretation businesses.

To maintain this relationship, we put in place appropriate safety measures to protect the information of our clients. This requires specific measures and security awareness by both managers and employees. To this end, we have defined the Basic Information Security Policy below. This policy is our implementation guideline to protect our client’s information.

Basic Information Security Policy

• TMJ Japan will ensure the confidentiality, accuracy, and availability of all information.

• TMJ Japan will establish an information security management organization.

• TMJ Japan will observe the current laws on information security and contractual requirements.

• TMJ Japan will establish standards for assessing risk.

• TMJ Japan will construct measures defined by risk assessment.

• TMJ Japan will provide education and training on information security to all employees.

• In the event of an incident, TMJ Japan will take immediate action.

Responsibilities, Obligations, and Disciplinary Action

TMJ Japan has an obligation to report incidents under this policy. We will take legal action against persons who compromise protected information assets used by our company.

Periodic Review

TMJ Japan will continuously review and improve its information security management system.

Date of enactment:
August 1, 2012 TMJ Japan
Last Updated:
September 20, 2019 TMJ Japan
Noriaki Hirai, CEO & President

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